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People who aren’t super into flipping, spinning, or dropping hundreds of feet for fun will find that the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) has a lot to offer this year other than rides. The main reason I made the trip out to the CNE was of course for food. Exhibitions are known for three things: bright lights, rigged games, and deep-fried calorie-rich snacks. This, my friends, is the ultimate cheat day outing. I even skipped lunch in preparation for indulging in as many unique treats as possible. The two must-try CNE menu items on my list were the Fran’s decked out milkshakes, and Cheesery’s rainbow grilled cheese.  I chose the classic “6ix” milkshake which is made up of six different chocolate treats including Nutella, Kit Kat, and Coffee Crisp topped with sprinkles and cotton candy. It was definitely worth the $12, but my tip to you is to bring a friend to help cut costs and share snacks. There’s no way I could stomach those dishes on my own. My second tip is to not limit yourself to the food building. The most unique eats are stationed outside amongst the midway games so grab a map and scope out the area before committing to a meal.

I hope this helps you make the most of your CNE dining experience and remember, don’t be afraid to treat yo-self.

xo Lau


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