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Yes. I bought a bike. Fed up with the TTC, I had to take matters into my own hands. I was hesitant at first but after a quick city session, I was a pro in no time. In my opinion, biking is the best method of transportation. It’s green, it’s fast (seriously it takes less time than the subway/streetcar), it’s never crowded, and it forces me to exercise. Honestly, if I can bike in the city with my coordination, anyone can.

The first thing I learned about joining the bike life is to wear the proper equipment (this includes your outfit).

#1. I promise you no one looks cool wearing it (hence the lack of photographic evidence above), but you need to splurge on a helmet, this could save your life one day.

#2. High waisted pants. I know Calvin Klein’s are super trendy but no one actually wants to see them, so invest in high waisted pants and avoid the public embarrassment. Also these embroidered Fidelity Denim Woodstock Gwen Crops will be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.

#3. Reasonable shoes. No wedges, no heels. Opt for flats or runners to help you get from A to B. Try these stylish & Other Stories loafers or similar Adrianne flats from Aldo.

Stay safe & happy biking.

xo Lau

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Easter Entertaining

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This is my first Easter out of school, and like a true adult I put on my hostess apron and teamed up with my blogger bestie Brittany Watson (a.k.a. Little B Big City) to put together this epic Easter spread sure to impress the most judgmental of dinner guests.

To recreate this spring setting, there are a few things you need to know….

DON’T spend a fortune. You don’t have to break the bank just for one day of entertaining. By adding a few key seasonal pieces from HomeSense and the Dollarama to your own selection of serveware, you can pull this off.

DO include fresh flowers.  They automatically liven up the table with a pop of colour.

DON’T be afraid of buying store-made desserts. Eliminate the stress of mastering intricate recipes and pick up those perfectly baked pastries from Pusateri’s. The only thing your guests will care about is how good they taste.

DO incorporate classic holiday candy into your spread.  Mini Eggs are a must for Easter. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also give guests something to satisfy their sweet tooth while they wait for the main meal.

DON’T ignore dietary restrictions. Be sure you have something on the menu to accommodate every guest.

DO choose a colour scheme. Think about the serveware you already own and go from there. We went with a pastel theme since we already had the macaron runner.

DON’T overthink it. On the day of the party if something doesn’t go your way, don’t stress. You made the effort to bring friends and family together for a beautiful gathering, and that’s what really counts.

And finally…DO have fun. You worked hard to put this together so enjoy every minute of it.

xo Lau


Bright Eyes, Blue Denim

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The snow has subsided (for now) in Toronto. It’s time to toss the winter coats and knit toques, because spring is finally here.

Spring can be an awkward time for Canadians. The weather fluctuates so much that you’re scrounging for sweaters one day and the next your sunbathing in the snow. Jean jackets are the ultimate outer layer because they are heavy enough to protect from the wind, but light enough to keep you comfortable in the warmer weather.

Designed in Vancouver and made in LA, Fidelity Denim is always my go-to because it’s durable and only gets better with age. Every pair of jeans is touched by 26 pairs of hands and approved by founder, Jason Trotzuk, himself to ensure authenticity and consistency.

For this shoot I’m sporting the brand new Ryder Jacket in Crystal Blue. I’m in love the light colour and the embroidery above the left pocket. Shop the Fidelity Denim SS17 collection online at

What I’m wearing:

Jean Jacket: Fidelity Denim, t-shirt: Lululemon Love Tee IV, earrings: Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Ball Studs, sunglasses: Ray Ban Clubmaster

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